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Server virtualization attempts to increase resource utilization by dividing individual physical servers into multiple virtual servers each with its own operating unit environment and applications. With the server visualization each server acts just like a physical server. VMware is a major server visualization and we are VMware professional solution provider offering customized solutions for small and medium businesses across Toronto.

Traditional server architecture consist of one operating system per physical server in one application per operating system. With VMware virtualization, a hypervisor is installed on the physical server to allow for multiple unique and isolated virtual machines to run on the same physical server. Once we separated the operating system from the hardware, we can utilize the hypervisor to present a complete x86 platform too many virtual machines. Vsphere hypervisor is the free version of VMware leading class architecture that helps you save money through consolidation, it up and running in minutes and utilizes extremely thin architecture requiring only 144 MB of space to install. VMware hypervisor features superior scalability and manageability. Is it really easy to install from the VMware website can simply be upgraded by changing the license key.