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Data recovery and backup solutions


All businesses run on data and without data, businesses do not run at all which is why data backup and recovery is very important. Earlier data was backed up using tapes and tapes were kept in some secure place. But tape data backup is unreliable and hard to manage. Now we use cloud connected backup recovery is the best way to protect data. Many people are apprehensive about the cloud data backup but most business analyst believed to be safer than conventional data backup solutions. It is reliable, safe and convenient to use. Our data backup solutions not only store data over the cloud but also on-site, so if your server goes down, you can restore your data instantly without any hassles. Since your data is also backed up on cloud anything that happens on-site, you are 100% protected against the data loss. We are full service backup and data recovery service provider offering customized data backup solutions for small to medium business companies in Toronto.

So if you need to share your files with your clients, control data access for employees and partners and security store files and data online so you can access them when you are on the road or out of office for vocations, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars and countless IT support hours to set up your own IT house. Simply switch to our hybrid data backup solutions which is not only convenient but also saves you thousands of dollars per year.