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These days technology impacts every part of your business. Mississauga is one of the largest cities in Canada and therefore many large and medium business centers are located in Mississauga. In today’s world of fast changing IT technologies and IT support needs, growing dependence on digital data, it’s getting increasingly difficult and time-consuming to manage your own IT.

managed IT Mississauga

managed IT Mississauga

If all your network and computers are working, your team is productive and everyone is happy. But what happens when something goes wrong. You might have someone in your office that might be able to fix that problem but not all the times. Hiring an IT company for break and fix might be a costly affair as you might have to pay again and again for fixing the same problem. So you end up paying more money every time something goes wrong. This is where IT Support GTA can help you.


Proactive IT Support

We care about your business so we cover all your systems with a team of IT specialists that focus on using the right technology to run your business. We care about your business and budget so we charge a flat fee with unlimited service and no surprises or hidden charges. Our friendly and educated IT support staff is there to help you at any and all times. We care about your productivity so we monitor your systems and servers round-the-clock and resolve the issues before they can hit you. This make sure your systems are working fine and your staff is working and you are happy. Rather than fixing the issues, engage as for IT managed services for preventive maintenance.

Managed IT Service Mississauga

With the advent of new technologies, more and more companies are hiring managed IT service providers rather than having a full IT Department of their own to manage the technology needs. IT Support GTA provides IT services for small and medium-size businesses that don’t want the hassles of having an IT department of their own or the expense of dealing with technology issues on their own. We managed our clients systems and servers remotely through Internet and offer protective support to keep your business running trouble-free 24 x 7. We have IT technical engineers as and when you need them. If something goes wrong on your network or computer, we are there to support you. We offer simplified IT expenses with low per month billing. All our managed IT service models comes for easy monthly payment.

Flexible Support Contracts

Our programs are flexible as you can remove or add additional services and hardware. We provide proactive management maintenance. Rather than waiting for something to go wrong, we monitor your devices and systems and anticipate problems before they disrupt your network of productivity. You don’t have to worry about the downtime and his staff would be more productive with more focus on business matters. We offer flexible pricing model for managed IT services suitable for your needs. Our pricing model includes pricing per device, pricing per ticket our per user support. Per device support includes a number of workstations servers are number of network locations. Per ticket model includes average number of tickets per month while per user include number of users who need the support.