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12Jun 2013
Jun 12, 2013

Cisco Networking Products

Cisco Networking Products

In regards to networking, few companies possess the presence that Cisco has. What was once a company strictly housed in the business world providing solutions for medium to large scale businesses, Cisco has now become a household name and is found across a wide range of consumer products. From routers to set-top-boxes, Cisco has been dominating the competition and is one of the heaviest hitters for business needs. A quick visit to their website will show just how diverse the company is in its product offerings. Cisco not only provides consumer goods, but has a plethora of products and services offered to small, midsize, and enterprise organization- all in the world of networking and communication technology.

For small businesses the company offers many products for network security, phones,routers,switches, video conferencing (webEx), voice gateways, voice systems, and wireless solutions. Most of these products are intended for use between 10-100 users, and Cisco offers many variations of their products to fit the size of your organization. The most commonly purchased products are routers and switches as they have become a necessity in today’s IT infrastructure- regardless of the size of your organization. Routers are fairly straight foreword and easy to purchase based on your specific needs, switches can be somewhat difficult to buy without much prior knowledge- Cisco understands this and offers many ways to learn more and can provide online tools to help make the decision for you. From unmanaged switches to their full featured catalyst switches, each product offers many options relative to their price. The video conferencing products are not very popular with small businesses and are usually purchased by niche organizations. Phone products are another very popular product as VOIP technology has become a sort of standard throughout the business world. Not only does it cut costs, but VOIP services offer features that aren’t found with traditional phone services. Again Cisco offers a broad range of products to choose from for VOIP phones. From phone specific switches to the voip phones themselves. Just a few years ago the technology was far to expensive to implement for smaller organizations, but now its even finding its way into households.

For midsize and large organizations Cisco offers the same products and service it does for small businesses (network security, phones,routers,switches, video conferencing (webEx), voice gateways, voice systems, and wireless solutions) but with a significantly larger number of intended users. These products are also designed to be more secure and offer greater dependability as many more people rely on them. These larger organizations are able to fully utilize most if not all of the products and services offered by Cisco. The video conferencing and phone services that wouldn’t be of any use to small companies can drastically change the way big businesses communicate and substantially cut costs. For this scale, Cisco also offers many products for server support and handling large amounts of data. Like the rest of the tech world the company is also going after the “cloud” and offers many solutions relative to cloud computing and system management.


Regardless of your company and its size, Cisco has products and services that you can use- and which can really benefit and change your workflow.

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