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27Apr 2012
Apr 27, 2012

Barracuda Products

Barracuda Networks Inc. is an industry leading network solutions provider, with a strong heritage in email and web security applications. Though the company is widely recognized for their network security offerings, the company provides solutions for almost every aspect of a computer Network. Barracuda products are precisely catered to providing end to end protection for hardware, virtual, cloud, and other mediums in which your data is housed. Barracuda is pushing its way to the top with security- bar none. Companies like CitiBank, FedEx and IBM are part of the 15,000 organizations that have deployed Barracuda products to protect their infrastructure. Barracuda touts they “offer the broadest range of advance security solutions in the industry” and once yo have a look at their portfolio, its a very legitimate claim. Checking out the products and services the company is pushing out, its apparent it operates under three major tentpoles, Security, Storage, and Application delivery. This segmentation is used to solely help browse Barracuda’s product page as the actual software and hardware are tightly integrated with each other and form a tight infrastructure.

Today, security is on everyones mind especially as we begin to open ourselves up to the world more so than ever before with the rise of social networks. This is why companies are demanding a solution to protect their IT infrastructures from viruses and malware but also real world people and corporate espionage- Barracuda is fulfilling these demands with their next-generation firewalls. Previous firewalls were notorious for their performance issues and even slowing down machines on the network- this is no longer the case as new firewall tech is implementing new feature sets and enhancements to not only protect networks but be easily and efficiently managed. Along with their physical firewall hardware, barracuda also offers virtual form factor firewalls for virtual and mixed infrastructures in large enterprises. The company also pushes out email specific firewalls designed to tackle spam and viruses as well as spoofing and phishing attacks. Along with email protection, the company also provides web filter hardware to help enforce web policies and content filtering. With so many different physical and virtual options you can rest assured Barracuda has a solution for your security concerns.

So far we have gone through incoming security concerns ( web, email, and network traffic) but what about your existing data? Barracuda provides great backup solutions onsite and in remote locations. The fully automated system combines a plug and play appliance for onsite backups, with cloud storage to quickly and securely store data in multiple locations offsite- and because its Barracuda you can rest assured your data is in safe hands, wether its stored onsite or in their hands apart of the cloud. Aside from protecting data Barracuda also provides a solution to optimize email server performance and make searching for messages an ease. the Barracuda Message Archive is tailored to save your email in an affordable yet powerful package utilizing plug and play tech for indexing all your messages. Saving your email isn’t just useful for future implications but in some parts of the world its the law.

The final ‘tentpole’ the company provides products and services for is application delivery. Like their security offerings, the company provides both physical hardware and virtual options to secure and increase the availability of your specific critical applications. The Barracuda Load Balancer ADC acts essentially as a controller that regulates the delivery, availability, acceleration, and security of applications its put in charge of. This same system is offered as a virtual appliance for scalability and delivery in virtual environments. These virtual environments can be house in Barracuda’s own virtual application server the Barracuda eon Network Virtualization Platform. The server is designed to streamline multi-processor computing with security at the forefront, and results in ultra-high efficiency for delivering these security services. Finally, the Barracuda SSL VPN is a secure remote user access to networks that can be used to assign tight network policies, which at the same time offer easy user navigation. Barracuda is at the frontline for security concerns, the company is well diverse in their product offerings and ensures you can feel at ease under the care of their systems.

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